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Support Our Fundraiser

I need your help to raise money for my school! We are selling the new Clarksville City Saver coupon book (with a free mobile app for your smart phone)! Inside the book, you will find thousands of dollars in savings to some of the top restaurants, attractions and shopping in the area. The book sells for $20 (including the free mobile app), and our school will get to keep 50% for every book sold!

The mobile app has most of the same coupons you find in the book! It’s like getting a second book for free! Just mention my school and my name when you purchase so that I will receive credit for the sale.

To purchase a book and receive a free mobile app, click here.

This book/app pays for itself when used once or twice. It’s a great value! Be sure to note: every merchant inside the book offers a “Buy One Get One Free” or 50% off discount, valid through February 2019!

Please purchase one book for your family and one for a friend. Also, be sure to share the link in your Facebook and Twitter account to help me spread the word and be a top seller at my school.

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